Friday, 2 August 2013

Limited edition they came to life!

I won't be giving away any trade secrets but I thought it would be fun to show you how us clayers LOVE scrap clay & how I used mine to make some limited edition birdies! Like a chef has a specials board which features all those dishes made up of yummy  left overs, so are these particular birdies! They are made from similar left over bits of coloured clay & therefore can not be reproduced. Below is a photo of what I started with....

I mixed all the blues together all the pinks etc... & came up with 5 new colours. I ended up with a lovely metallic muted orange, bright pink, tropical green, ocean blue & a yummy lemon colour. So far I have only used the blue & lemon to make my birds with.

I decided to use alcohol inks on both the blue & lemon coloured clay & here are the results! :) Both sets are now listed in my etsy shop if you wish to have a peek! Bead Me Up Buttercup Etsy Shop