Monday, 2 September 2013

Hello my lovelies!
             It's that time again GIVEAWAY time yaaaaaay. I have decided to have two winners again! One prize will be connectors & birdies from my "Indian Princess" & "Arabian Nights" themed collection with a few surprises for all you jewellery makers out there!

For my jewellery fans I will be giving away a necklace from my "Autumn Leaves" collection

Now for the rules! All you need to do is share my blog post & Facebook page with your family & friends. The more places you share my blog post & page the more entries you get into my giveaway. Please leave a message on my blog with links to where you have shared. Please note you need to also choose which item you'd like to win so please state either beads or jewellery & where you can be contacted if you are a winner.

My giveaway will run until the 16th September & then I will pick 2 winners from the hat!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Limited edition they came to life!

I won't be giving away any trade secrets but I thought it would be fun to show you how us clayers LOVE scrap clay & how I used mine to make some limited edition birdies! Like a chef has a specials board which features all those dishes made up of yummy  left overs, so are these particular birdies! They are made from similar left over bits of coloured clay & therefore can not be reproduced. Below is a photo of what I started with....

I mixed all the blues together all the pinks etc... & came up with 5 new colours. I ended up with a lovely metallic muted orange, bright pink, tropical green, ocean blue & a yummy lemon colour. So far I have only used the blue & lemon to make my birds with.

I decided to use alcohol inks on both the blue & lemon coloured clay & here are the results! :) Both sets are now listed in my etsy shop if you wish to have a peek! Bead Me Up Buttercup Etsy Shop

Friday, 26 July 2013

Hello peeps!
           Did I ever tell you I'm rubbish at writing a Well I am, so I hope you're not expecting too much from my uncreative writing side. Anyway I've decided to go back to having one due to the amount of spammers that join my Giveaways via the app! I only want my loyal fans/customers winning my goodies. So from now on I'll be running them via my new blog.

I will also use my blog to show you behind the scenes in my studio & any new items I maybe working on. Maybe feature some of your works that feature my components too & anything else you'd like to see here? Right I'd better run I have a new batch of beads due to come out the oven in a couple of minutes!!!

Update on beads: Here's a photo of the beads fresh out of the oven. These all need painting & will look quite different again when finished! So do we have any Diva's out there??